RR strives to clarify the complexities of the Syrian conflict to the wider British public and to promote Syrian issues within the British landscape. We have worked with policy makers on both local and national scales to address pertinent issues facing British Syrians, such as airport stops, police visits to homes, closure of Syrians' bank accounts and delayed processing times for asylum applications. RR also cultivates personal relationships with media professionals to influence the framework by which Syria is discussed. We serve as a critical source of information on the Syrian conflict for journalists. One of RR's objectives is to clarify the situation in Syria to the wider UK audience. We do that through organising educational seminars and academic conferences in addition to organising demonstrations and public vigils.
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Letter to Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, UK Permanent Representative to the UN

Rethink Rebuild Society contacted Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, the UK Permanent Representative to the UN, on the 22nd of December 2017 to express our appreciation and encouragement for his displayed solidarity with Karim, the 3-month-year-old baby that partially lost his eye due to Syrian regime shelling of Eastern Ghouta that also killed his mother.