La Dolce Syria: A Short Film Trilogy

On Sunday 16th July, we screened La Dolce Syria: A Short Film Trilogy by Ammar al-Beik. Here is what people have to say about the film:

“In his trilogy, Ammar al-Beik films all things that make up an ordinary life: the birth of his own child, kids visiting a circus, a man and a woman fighting, then making love. Yet suddenly some extraordinary events break into these insignificant, mundane moments: street demonstrations and a revolution in the making; Scud missiles being launched on vulnerable cities and its people; the persistent soundtrack of barrel bombs falling from helicopters.” (Dr Donatella Della Ratta,

About Ammar al-Beik
Born in Damascus in 1972 and currently in exile in Berlin, al-Beik’s work is often alluding to socio-political issues, and is inspired by the details of his surroundings as he seeks to reveal the complexities of human relationships. He has effortlessly moved between media with an acute sense of capturing narrative structures through subtle nuance and a commitment to the potential of art as an act of.

With the start of the Syrian uprising, al-Beik produced a significant body of work in support of popular resistance, including graphic and digital images and several short films that resume his interest in everyday life while presenting a critical look at the events that led to the country’s demise.

For nearly two decades, al-Beik has contributed to exhibitions and programmes worldwide in Germany, France, USA, Japan, South Korea, among others. He has received several international awards such as Venice Film Festival (2006) and the Busan international short film festival (2012).


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