Letter to UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura from 160 Syrian civil society organisations

A group of 160 Syrian civil society organisations, including Rethink Rebuild Society, sent a letter to UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura on 2 August calling on him to ensure that 'the Geneva process serves the interests of Syrians, first and foremost, and is not driven entirely by international actors.' The letter furthermore called on de Mistura to engage Syrian civil society in the transition talks, to demand enforcement of UN Security Council Resolutions that call for the protection of civilians, and to ensure that issues of detainees, humanitarian access, and forced displacement are at the heart of the Geneva negotiations.

The letter to de Mistura was the focus of a 3 August article in the Guardian, although disappointingly, the initial response from De Mistura's office is to question the authenticity and credibility of the signatories.


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