Joint Statement Condemning the Military Escalation in Eastern Ghouta

Rethink Rebuild Society along with other Syrian Civil Society organisations released a joint statement on 2 December 2017 condemning the Assad regime's besiegement of Eastern Ghouta and the targeting of civilians.

The statement demanded that UN organisations and the UN Security Council commit to their responsibilities and take all necessary actions to guarantee the safety of all civilians and immediately end the targeting of civilians and residential areas by all parties of the conflict.

Signed Organisations:

- Hurras Network
- Rethink Rebuild Society
- Syrians for Truth and Justice-STJ
- Syrian Network for Human Rights Dawlaty
- PEฬ‚L- Civil Waves
- Women Now
- Urnammu for Justice and Human Rights The Day After (TDA)
- Baytna syria
- Scm center
- Fazaa
- Syria Civil Defence
- Emissa


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